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Costello wrote the critically acclaimed classic game The 7th Guest. Since then, he has scripted dozens of best-selling games such as Shellshock-Nam ‘67 (Guerrilla Games and Eidos), Bad Boys 2 (Empire) and 2005’s Doom 3 winner of an unprecedented five awards at E3 including the Game Critics Award: Best of E3.


Matt Costello worked on creating the post-apocalyptic storyworld of 2011’s Rage, and scripted the award-winning game. Some sample reviews:
“id once again proves why it runs at the front of the shooter pack… RAGE is the real deal” –EGM
“RAGE is set to be one of the most visually appealing games we’ve ever seen.”
– Joystiq


Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, the Disney Interactive game Matt scripted, was released worldwide in 2007 in all the major console formats. The game has become the first Disney game to land in the US and UK at the #1 spot. Early reviews have cited the true-to-the film’s feel of the story and characters.


Matt scripted the innovative Disney Universe, an off-the-wall non-stop action adventure where Disney worlds and characters mix up for the first time.

  The 7th Guest, The Italian Job, Shell Shock, Just Cause
  Costello has also created many award-winning games for children, including the landmark Aladdin’s Mathquest with math expert Marilyn Burns for Disney, as well as A Cartoon History of the Universe (Putnam) and two math games based on the hit PBS show Cyberchase. He is designer of many role-playing and board games, including Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Batman, Lone Wolf & Cub, and many others.

Other major games include:

  • Just Cause 2, for Square Enix
  • G-Force, for Disney/Bruckheimer
  • Hercules, for Disney Interactive
  • The Dark Half, for MGM.
  • Derelict, for The SyFy Channel
  • Fatal Illusion -The Clue Chronicles – for Hasbro
  • Barbie’s Riding Adventure–for Mattel
  • Clifford’s Reading– for Scholastic
  • Starsky & Hutch – for Empire
  • The Italian Job – Eidos
Alladins Math Quest

Alladins Math Quest